Welcome to MHValue.net. MH Value is an online database of California Mobile Home Sales data developed by manufactured home sales and finance professionals. We are now offering access to the MHValue database to industry professionals. Affilate subscriptions are available and there is never a fee for buyers and sellers reports.

We track every "In Park" transaction every week. It's a lot of data. Our SQL Server database makes it searchable through our web application. We help buyers, sellers and industry professionals find information they need to make informed decisions about mobile home valuation. 

The MHValue database is provided courtesy of M H Realty Associates, mhrealtor.com

The best way to know a mobile home's value is to look at the price of the home that just sold down the street. We provide our customers with detailed lists of sales and our professionals are glad to help qualified buyers and sellers with valuation questions.

Our database is open to Real Estate Agents specializing in California Mobile Home Sales. We provide professional access to the online database. Please contact us or complete our user request form.