MH Value gives our members a serious market advantage. A friendly online interface provides access to millions of California manufactured home sales records. Find, select, sort and compare. Designed by lenders; now available to Industry Professionals. 

Membership to MH Value is now available by subscription. We have added 24 / 7 online access to REALTORS® and Industry Professionals. MH Value is operated by MH Realty Associates and is Sponsored by MH Lender Factory Built Finance. We support the industry with a cooperative spirit. We believe good information should not be hard to find and use. 

Buyers & Sellers

In the market? Need information about a specific property?  Want to check sales values in a park?  We can help. Give us a call. We'll be glad to provide you with up to date sales data. Thinking about selling your home? We can provide you best market data available. 


We help and cooperate with real estate professionals every day. When evaluating an "In Park" manufactured home, MLS systems don't always have all the information you need. Our system provides you with a searchable, user friendly interface to the entire California database. Affordable annual subscription options are available. 

Industry Professionals

A growing number of manufactured home appraisers use the MH Value Database for their reports. Investors, MH Value gives you information to make better decisions. Dealers, track resales and new home sales with ease.

For a free trial, call 760-593-4200.